Poor Girls and Princesses

Title: Unlocking Her Innocence
Author: Lynne Graham

Harlequin Presents
Timestamp: Nov12unlocking her innocence
Things I might actually remember about this one: Actually, I might keep this one, at least for a while. Aside from the sex scenes (which I guess were forbidden back in the day, and are apparently mandatory now), this one felt very much like the ones I remember my grandmother reading: it had a virginal heroine, wrongfully accused and condemned; a rich, aloof hero, who she’d had a crush on since she was too young for him  look at; and absolutely Cinderella-level pathos and aloneness. Delicious.Why are downtrodden heroines, mistreated and misunderstood by everyone, so much fun to read about?

Active Ingredients:
Desperately Poor Heroine
Youthful Passion for Hero (Secretly Requited)
Heroine Accused of a Crime
Neglectful Family/Stepfamily
Dog as Metaphor
Kindly Servants
Hero Rescues Heroine’s Family Member/Pet (adopts dog, in this case)
Hounded/Lauded by the Press
Justice at Last


Title: The Girl Nobody Wanted
Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Harlequin Presents
Timestamp: Nov12

Things I might actually remember about this one: In spite of the title, this had less of a “friendless and alone in the world” vibe than the last one. What this heroine mainly needed was a good shake, since her problems amount to being jilted by a man she didn’t love anyway, and attracting tabloid attention for being jilted and rich. On the other hand, her rigid, self-controlled, secretly insecure personality was quite appealing.
Warning: Pregnancy. I don’t mean the book causes pregnancy; I mean it turns into a story of accidental pregnancy. So if that isn’t your cup of tea, skip it.
Active Ingredients: 
Imaginary Country/Kingdom
Jilted Heroine
Accidental Pregnancy
Stranded in the Wilderness
Rich People’s Problems
Hounded/Lauded by the Press


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