Pretend Arabs

duty and the beast

Why are there so many the-sheik-and-the-something romance novels? Is it a fetish? Is it because of The Sheik?

Title: Duty and the Beast. Honestly, wouldn’t you buy it for the title alone?

Author: Trish Morey

Harlequin Presents

Timestamp: Sep12. I am never going to get caught up here.

Things I might actually remember about this one: It’s one of the sheik-y ones, with an innocent Princess heroine of an imaginary kingdom. I love the imaginary kingdom thing. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but somehow the made-up country aspect appeals.
It caused me a few anxious moments, though, as the sheik-y ones always do. The thing is, I can’t quite put real Middle East culture entirely out of my mind, so when the heroine was expressing her unhappiness with the we-must-marry-to-save-our-kingdoms situation by pretending to think the hero was gay, I kept cringing and expecting the situation to get really, really ugly. Which of course it didn’t–it couldn’t; he’s the hero so he has to have a certain amount of self-control. But I cannot see that particular brand of bratty-bitchiness leading anywhere good if you tried it on a real live sheik.

Active Ingredients:
A Very Jasmine Princess
Mandatory Marriage
British-educated Sheikh
Imaginary Country/Kingdom
Hero Rescues Heroine’s Family Member/Pet
Heroine watches Hero Bathe/Swim/Generally Being Naked
Hero Insults Heroine by Refusing to Believe she is a Virgin


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