Fic it all.

I have been reading instead of blogging, so a whole bunch of cool books have gone by unremarked. I read When Beauty Tamed the Beast, which is based on House. No, really: House. It’s historical House MD romance-fic. It was glorious and crack-y, and I’ve already inflicted it on one friend and may well have to buy it for another.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast
This is one of those instances when I wish the cover art had featured the hero instead.

I also read Loving Lady Marcia, which is exactly what it sounds and looks like: a historical romance inspired by the Brady Bunch.  It was good as a romance; I can’t speak to how good it was as a “this reminds me of the show!” indulgence, because aside from seeing snippets of reruns I’ve never actually watch The Brady Bunch.

Loving Lady Marcia
The House of Brady. I love it.

Right now I’m in the middle of a repurposed Twific. Don’t judge me. I’m enjoying it–it’s all Gothic and mysterious–but there things I wish the editor had caught.

My eyes wandered to a flower box beneath a window next to the door. Filled with dark, rich soil but no flowers, I started to make plans.

Still, if someone was hesitating over whether or not to buy it I’d tell them to buy it. And it was the perfect choice for the waiting room of “vampire hospital” this morning (I was having bloodwork done; that’s what my toddlers call it, vampire hospital. They have the opposite of a bedside manner).

Sadly I’m reading it on my kindle. I never appreciate covers properly on kindle.

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