The Zombie She Carried

It’s done: The Zombie She Carried is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

So now that I’ve done it, I’m giving in to the irresistible temptation to babble on and on about it. Because it might not be immediately clear, but with this book I was trying to write a traditional zombie romance novel.

Not, that is, a paranormal. Nothing against paranormals–I read them by the truckload, and love them–but sometimes I’m in That Mood, when paranormals feel like heavier lifting than I want from my escapism right now.

You know: paranormals have all those creatures–bhampirs and werelizardkings and half-angel half-demon underwear models, and there are rules and hierarchies and I’m LAZY, damn it. Sometimes my energy levels and attention span just aren’t there for all that. Usually the answer is to retreat with a stack of Harlequin Presents, and lose myself in the bliss of Greek/Italian/Sheik billionaires and their innocent secretaries/stablegirls/mistresses.

But what didn’t exist, at least not that I could find, was a blend of both: a category-length romance that hewed close to those conventions but allowed a little paranormality to creep in.

So that’s what I set out to write, and I hope other people have as much fun with it as I did.


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