reading: A Dangerously Sexy Christmas

Title: A Dangerously Sexy Christmas

Author: Stefanie London

dangerously sexy christmasHarlequin Blaze November 2015

Reasons I might actually remember this one: Certainly not the title, which I managed to forget several times while reading it. But the heroine’s self-confident ability to shrug off her clothes and enjoy sex (even while angsting that the hero, like everyone else in her life, would leave her when it was over) was enviable and well-written. Also, the happy ending puts her down in Australia after 24 hours of travel; I am a sucker for all Australian settings, but even more so for the realistic acknowledgement of the travel hell that it takes to get there.

Active Ingredients:

nearly-orphaned heroine

shady father

large diamond

hunky security guy

former cop

dead partner