Zombie Romances

The Zombie She Carried Beta v2

Still reeling from her first-ever one-night-stand, Grace Aubrey crashes headlong into the arms of the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen: billionaire doctor Victor Vladimirovich Lazarev. She doesn’t expect the arrogant star researcher to spare her a second glance, but he can’t seem to keep his eyes off the pretty young teacher. Will he be repelled when she confesses her secret? She can’t keep it quiet for long–soon she’ll be sporting a zombie baby bump…

Available at: amazon/apple/b&n/kindle/createspace/kobo/scribd/inktera/

Playboy Zombie, Innocent Secretary

Shipping magnate Hugo Desmond has always been the talk of the town. Too bad his secretary Alison Gardner succombs to his charms before hearing the latest gossip: Hugo was shot last Friday by an ex-girlfriend, and now the handsome billionaire is a shambling, though still attractive, zombie!

She’s determined to pretend nothing happened between them, but her posh zombie boss refuses to let her walk away. Will he win her heart, or is he just after her body…and her brains?

Available at: amazon (kindle)/apple/b&n (nook)/createspace/kobo/scribd/inktera


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